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E-Commerce Development in Nepal

Shopping CartThe concept of e-commerce has been widely applied in business world from the creation of transaction mechanism inside an office to the door of the customer in the current Internet marketplace. By developing one or more web sites focused on particular niche markets, businesses can target a wider Internet audience and capture far more sales.

I'm ever ready to help you building your ecommerce web application in an affordable cost and in a given time frame. If you are planning to reach your customer's desktop through the internet, remember me for user friendly and customized ecommerce web application development.

My ecommerce solution includes:

  • Home Page Design with associated logos, images, buttons, etc
  • Product Database
  • Intuitive Shopping Cart design
  • Complete Online Payment System Integration with design for Cart Interface
  • Order Tracking
  • Search / Advanced Search
  • Configuration of tax rates, shipping rates, discount rates, etc
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Customer Registration & Management
  • E-Mail Product Details to A Friend
  • Real-Time Shipping Rates from Leading Carriers