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CMS Development in Nepal

CMS CMS is a web tool for sharing information in/of any organization. A CMS helps you create and store content in a shared repository. It then manages the relationships between content items for you.

CMS is a Low Cost, Easy Customization, Easy to use, WorkFlow management software application in following ways:
I use some Open Source like N2 CMS (.net base), WordPress, Joomla and Drupal (.php based), Which guides us to develop low cost software on time creating an layout making pages have a similar theme and design without much code but it depends on your requirements.

You can update contents on your web site without the need of much training. Being able to control how content is published, when it is published, and who publishes it. Some WCMS systems allow administrators to set up rules for the workflow management.

If you are in search of such cms, give me a chance to work for you for your most excited experience.

Why CMS and what you can do?

  • Easy and quick changes of the content
  • Easy and quick changes and replacement of the images and pictures
  • Add new content / information in the website
  • Add new pictures / images in the website
  • Create a new page by yourself
  • No designing skills required
  • Define rights and privileges to the admin and users